Math Lab - Mind Spark

The Mathematics club has been created with an objective to explore maths beyond textbooks and apply it in day-to-day situations. Various brain storming activities like solving mathematical riddles, application based games and making mathematical models are conducted to elucidate difficult concepts of curriculum and sharpen the minds of children.


Computer Labs

Technology gives the quietest student a Voice …Jerry

In this technological period, the computer labs at DVM Public School provide an appropriate platform to the students to be proficient in handling technology. The computer labs are used not just to hone the skills of computer geeks, but also provide an exposure to the novices.

The school has two computer labs one each for the senior and junior. The laboratories are equipped multimedia PC’s and with a leased line internet connection. All labs are connected to the server. The labs are ready to train students in operating office packages, animation, audio, and digital designing software. The senior lab provides students with programming concepts. The teachers also get to use the facilities to learn and design their presentations for students.


Science Laboratories Science Labs - Satisfying Inquisitive Minds

To meet the requirement of the curriculum we at DVM Public School provide the students with excellent lab facilities. We have three science Labs for the seniors :


Physics Lab

All experiments are carried out under the guidance of expert faculty and skilled lab assistants. Pendulums, spring weighing machines and tongs can be seen in continuous use at the physics lab that is well equipped to satisfy curious minds of scientists in making.


Chemistry Lab


Popping sounds, coloured fumes and regular pungent smell is the order of the day in the well equipped chemistry lab where the students experiment with various chemical reactions.


Biology Lab

To enhance awareness about environmental issues and to give knowledge about variations amongst the living, Biology Lab stresses upon the connection of Biology to real life problems and also lays emphasis on the use of biological discoveries / innovation in everyday life. Various experiments like dissection of flowers, collection of study soil are undertaken under the strict surveillance of the expert teachers. The learners are given exposure to various branches of biology in a contextual and friendly manner. They are also encouraged to develop rational attitude to issues related to population, environment and development.