We provide a concrete base/ foundation for the nation builders of tomorrow. The child is provided a homely environment which puts it at ease and its intent to learn grow stronger. The following measures are adopted to give the child a fruitful and productive learning.

  • Sporty & colourful classrooms
  • Fancy furniture
  • E-Classes
  • Rhyming and recitation classes
  • Toy Room


Apart from teaching regular subjects we are of the opinion that a child needs something extra to get that extra edge. So,we have for the students a variety of skill development programmes to give them a surplus. We also have for them provisions for junior Clubs to bring out their latest skills. This way a strong foundation for a scintillating career is laid at an Ooearly stage which gives the student that extra edge over others.


  • ENGLISH :- The entire focus is on fluency, pronunciation and accuracy.
  • HINDI :- Students are made to realise the importance of their mother tongue.
  • MATHEMATICS :- Special emphasis is laid to enhance the calculative and computing skills of the students.
  • EVS :- The students are enlightened on environment and science so as to keep them aware of the latest developments and trends.

Awareness is created to enable our environment healthy and hygenic. The students in addition to the aforementioned subjects are encouraged to participate in numerous extra curricular activities. Such as stage performances, news reading, delivering speech, conducting debates etc.

MIDDLE WINGS (6,7 & 8)

As the students adnames to higher grades our responsibility too witnesses a substantial growth. At this stage the students are told about a variety of fields and scopes for their future. Special counselling sessions are held and numerous options are kept before them to choose from. The student’s interests are given a due consideration and are advised accordingly. The school, proposes to put forward a ' BASE BUILDING PLATFORM ' for the future aspirants of NEET , JEE and various other competitive exams.


  • ENGLISH :- We primarily focus n the speaking and writing skills of the students The students are given tips to enhance their fluency and accuracy of the language.
  • HINDI :- The focus again us on developing and honing in Hindi our mother tongue.
  • MATHEMATICS :- We aim at developing the critical thinking and logical reasoning of the students.
  • Sanskrit / French :- We give our students an opportunity to choose for themselves a third language.
  • Science :- Students are provided with opportunities to sharpen their skills in Physics, Chemistry an Biology. They are given a chance to prove their scientific mettle.
  • Social studies :- Students are taught History, Geography and Civics.
  • Music :- We harbor a notion that music soothes the frazzled nerves and is the best stress reliever.
  • Physical Education :- To ensure 360 degree development of the students lessons in Physical Education are imparted.


Our senior wing (IX-XII) has produced a string of doctors, engineers , IITians, sports persons, army officers and more. We have all the three streams namely HUMANITIES, COMMERCE and SCIENCE which boast of a robust strength. The faculty is outstanding and it’s expertise is mind boggling. The students are given more than they want. State of the art SCIENCE, COMPUTER and LANGUAGE labs cater to all their practical needs. The well stocked library gives the students something more. Doubt clearing sessions enable the students get rid of all their problems. We have been churning 100% Board Results year after year and the Percentage of our success always shows an upward trend. The focus primarily is on meaningful study and not merely cramming things up. Undoubtedly, all this and more keep us in the winners league all the time.

All the above skills are concept related skills or conceptual skills.
In addition to this we also feel the need to develop their personal skills as well. Source of such skills that we focus on are:

  • Confidence Building
  • Self Belief
  • Iron Will
  • Physical and Mental Stamina

Apart from the aforementioned themes we further have an elaborate system to judge and assess a student’s potential:- we have in our repertoire


We conduct tests the moment a chapter or two reach then conclusion. This provides the students with a deep insight into what they had studied. It also helps the teachers to assess the graph of progress of a student and then strategize.


The project work give the students an opportunity to search and explore. Then we have a host of CBSE recommended co-curricular activities which the teachers help the students to carry out. We also have a string of educational activities such as Olympiads( Science, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry etc.) which help them prepare them to all competitive exams such as NEET, IIT-JEE and others.